“God, how good I felt going to Italy!”

On the following pages we provide you with details about our apartments near Montecarotto in Le Marche in Central Italy. You will also find information about some attractions in the area. Le Marche are often referred to as “All of Italy in one Region”. And that is very true: lovely beaches, high mountains, rolling hills, lively towns, romantic medieval villages, archeological sites, fantastic art and architecture from the last 2000 years – all this you can find within close reach.

And of course olive groves, vineyards, sunflower fields, the typical patchwork landscape that is very pleasing to the eye.

It is the perfect region for relaxing, but also for “dolce vita”, a gourmet holiday, as well as for learning more about art and history and Italian culture. Le Marche are ideal for a family vacation, but also for those interested in sightseeing and Italian culture.

But see for yourself…

Peak Season

During the months of July and August you can count on lovely weather and mild summer evenings ideal for barbecues right on the premises. The flat and sandy beaches in Senigallia…

Low season

Spring and autumn in the Marches are particularly appealing. The weather usually is mild, warm enough for swimming and being outside in the evenings


You do not feel like getting up in the morning to make breakfast? We are happy to serve you breakfast in whatever style you fancy, continental, with Italian specialties…