If you don’t want to go shopping after a long and often exhausting drive, we can fill your fridge in advance with whatever you order.

Table reservation

Some people have difficulties with the Italian language and so it is good to have help on the spot. I will gladly take care of the table reservations in the restaurant of your choice.


We offer yoga classes every Tuesday and Thursday. Next to our pond you can relax during an hour of yoga with our certified teacher, far away from any distracting noise. You will start the day in magnificent silence and when you get back to your apartment, your partner may already have prepared breakfast. That’s what vacation is all about!

Olive Oil

We make our own olive oil. Therefore we can guarantee the highest possible quality. Of course we do not use pesticides and the olives are pressed in a nearby mill, one of the best in the area, immediately after harvesting. You can purchase our oil in cans of half-liter or one liter, if required also in bigger cans.

Wine Tasting

All styled and relaxed, you can finish an already perfect day with a visit to Natalino’s vinyard close by. Verdicchio is a grape that is only grown in this area and the delicious wine of that same name is constantly winning more friends all over the world.