The lovely and well preserved fortification wall dates back to 1509 and is one of the most remarkable along the Esino valley. The views in all directions are stunning – at times you are able to see the Adriatic as well as the snow-covered mountains of the Apenine. Several churches are home to important works of art. But the absolute highlight is the historic theatre on the central piazza that has been restored recently. Montecarotto is the home of several important wineries that produce the famous Verdicchio. Tribute to the importance of this wine to the town is the fact that every year at the beginning of July the Verdicchio Wine & Jazz festival is celebrated.

Ostra Vetere

This town can be seen and recognized from all directions for its typical skyline with the church tower and cupula as its highest points. Up to 1882 the town was called Montenovo, but then it was given the name Ostra Vetere. The reason is that on the area of the town there are the ruins of the ancient Roman town Ostra Antica. The archeological site is located on the river Misa and the ancient Roman road that connected Sentinum (near Sassoferrato) with Sena Gallica (today Senigallia). Excavations are still ongoing.


This historic town is the birthplace of two famous people: Frederic the 2nd of Hohenstaufen (1194) and the composer and Baroque musician Giovan Battista Pergolesi (1710). Over the centuries Jesi has built a reputation as a centre for jewellery making and goldsmiths. As early as 1225 Jesi already had a flourishing goldsmith business. Numerous manors and squares connected by narrow lanes take you back in time and make a walk there a lovely experience. The town art gallery in the gorgeous Palazzo Pianetti holds, among others, several works by Lorenzo Lotto and is definitely worth a visit. If you have a chance, make sure you get to see the wonderful Teatro Pergolesi in the town centre. It was opened iin 1798 and has been completely renovated in 1995.


Senigallia is a port and beach town as well as an antique settlement that dates back to the 4th century. A small Roman museum shows its importance as a stop at the crossing of two Roman roads. With its many squares, arcades and narrow lanes it is great for letting yourself just drift around, have a cappuccino or an ice cream or do some window shopping. The Rocca Roveresca, a castle with a square plan and four large round towers is worth a visit as well as the Rotonda al Mare, a pier in Art Deco style. Each year at the end of July Senigallia is home to the biggest festival dedicated to American culture, music, dances and fashion of the 40ies and 50ies, the Summer Jamboree. For an entire week the town lnever stops rocking and swinging!


Not far from Casa Montale, about a 20 minute drive, you will find this beautiful medieval village. It has been referred to as one of the best-preserved and most charming villages in Italy. The defensive walls built in the fifteenth century are still beautifully intact. The panoramic views from there are amazing. In the summer Corinaldo is the location for several festivals where old traditions are revived and the locals re-enact historic events in traditional costumes. The Festival of the Polenta fountain commemorates the fact that the abundant supply of polenta made it possible for the citizens to resist a siege. Visitors from all over Italy and abroad flock to the famous Halloween festival.

Serra de Conti

Only about ten minutes from Casa Montale this quaint village is yet another example for a medieval town that has been beautifully preserved. Here you can do your everyday shopping and maybe have your daily cappuccino or aperitivo. During the summer there are concerts – classical. Jazz and folk music – in the inner yard of the San Francesco monastery. There is a small but comprehensive museum about the arts and crafts and the daily lives of the nuns once upon a time which is very interesting to visit. Towards the end of August Serra de’Conti organizes the “Notte Nera”, a festival with installations, art exhibitions, street art, music, acrobats and plays all over town.